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Great Example of Design and Illustration

PhotoShop Web 2.0 Tutorial

 This was linked from the very good Web 2.0 Design Style Guide.

Web 2.0 Design

This site has some really stuff about Web 2.0 design.

Polish Photographer

“And for all those who look for an inspiration – this is my advice: do not take any advices. Just please yourself.”

Visit Andrzej Dragan’s website to see a portrait portfolio that features some truly remarkable photos, most of which are available for purchase.

Useful Links about Colour

An important element in web design is the overall color scheme. This can be a real challenge! You can find help at offers a great color scheme generator.   

The site provides a colour wheel to experiment with. Each time you select a new color on the wheel, complementary colours for your page are suggested.  Read through the help section where you’ll find some valuable tips on how to generate the optimal color palette.
 (Thank you Jennifer of

PhotoShop Tutorial

This site has some really useful basic PhotoShop tips: